PC Modern Towns

54 George St, Port Colborne, ON, Canada

PC Modern Towns is a new housing project development by Estate Hill Developments. Coming soon to 54 George St in Port Credit.
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    PC Modern Towns
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    Estate Hill Developments
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    Coming Soon
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About PC Modern Towns -

Located at 54 George Street in Port Colborne, PC Modern Towns is a new townhouse community By Estate Hill Developments. The community features a variety of spacious floor plans, thoughtful layouts, and upscale finishes that enhance the appeal and value of each home.

The Towns line was a series of personal computers designed by Fujitsu Micro in February 1989 and discontinued in the summer of 1997. It was first released as a proprietary PC variant intended for multimedia applications and video games, but became more compatible with IBM PC compatibles over time.

Its sprite handling was well in excess of that of 16-bit consoles, so it became popular for arcade-style games with unique FM Towns ports. Several American DOS games also had their own FM Towns ports, including 2D point-and-click adventures from LucasArts.

All Towns except Marty can have their memory expanded with a standard 72-pin SIMM stick or two. The early grey tower Towns used very conservative memory settings (3 wait states for main RAM and 6 for video-RAM). The UX model, and later white desktop Towns can be upgraded to a 31kHz mode using an external scan converter (older models require an internal conversion like OSSC). All others use a 15-pin DB15 connector that requires a custom cable to drive a standard VGA monitor.

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