Multi Gen Homes

59 St David St W, Thorold, ON, Canada

Multi Gen Homes is a new housing project development by Pinewood Niagara Builders. Coming soon to 59 St David St W in .
  • Project
    Multi Gen Homes
  • Developer
    Pinewood Niagara Builders
  • Status
    Coming Soon
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About Multi Gen Homes - 59 St David St W Thorold

Multi Gen Homes offer a convenient and stress-free living experience for the entire family. They help families grow closer, while providing them with the space they need for privacy. Additionally, these homes are a great alternative to assisted living for aging parents. They can also be a safer living arrangement, as they allow for close family support in times of crisis.

The rise in multigenerational households is due to a variety of factors, including rising housing and living costs, an aging population that necessitates at-home elderly care, and traditional practices in many cultures that value close family ties. These trends have prompted some homeowners to look for ways to accommodate multiple generations in the same home.

One of the most popular solutions is the addition of an in-law suite, a separate dwelling unit with its own kitchenette, bedroom, and living space. These units can be used as rental income streams, and they are also an excellent option for families who want to live closer to their extended families but don’t have the budget to purchase a new construction home.

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