Empire Legacy

1401 Kottmeier Rd, Welland, Canada

Empire Legacy is a new housing project development by Empire Communities. Coming soon to in Niagara.
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    Empire Legacy
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    Empire Communities
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    Coming Soon
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About Empire Legacy -

Empire Legacy features a variety of new freehold townhomes and detached homes in Thorold's first master-planned community, offering the perfect combination of small-town living with modern comforts. Just minutes to Brock University, Niagara College, the US Border and surrounded by wineries, golfing and shopping.

Much of the discussion of imperial legacies tends to re-centre "the British", as though there was one kind of British imperial project, and that the different ways colonialism took root in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are indissolubly linked. But this is simplistic. Colonialism had a myriad of motives, strategies and actors, which meant that the ways it left traces in each colony were always changing.

Bringing together archival research, electoral surveys and personal interviews, Empire's Legacy examines the roots of far-right affinity in the contemporary French state. It shows how voluntary associations, interest-group politics, and patron-client relations knit together a national network of support for extremist politicians. It also demonstrates the barriers to effective, scandal-free government that these dynamics create. It suggests a fresh approach to the study of modern politics.

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